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On average, your brain absorbs more than three thousand internet, television, radio, and street advertisements in one day(Adams par.1). Major corporations have developed strategies to manipulate your behavior without you realizing it. This comes from the advertisement industry. Companies pay psychologist big buck to develop these practices. Through years of intense research on consumers and their children, corporations have identified our decision making processes. In other words, they don’t know us, but they know what makes us tick. Business advertising practices that target young people should be banned because they have an adverse effect on today’s youth. Companies target children in their advertisements because they carry their own consumer…show more content…
Jordan is a 6 time NBA champion, 5 time league MVP, defensive play of the year, rookie of the year, 14 time all-star and a 3 time all-star MVP (Encyclopedia par.1). He is admired and adored by his many fan and followers. Jordan is the Chairman of his shoes, Air Jordan. Air Jordans are highly popular with the teen population. Most Air Jordan fans are collectors. But some are metrosexuals, who possess a desire to dress the best, and usually the best is the most expensive and rare. Jordans are certainly both. In order purchase a pair of authentic Air Jordans, one must first find them. There are many rip off to these shoes. For two reasons, one the real pairs are extremely expensive and two there is a high demand but limited supply. Supply and demand keeps the price of the real shoes high. I worked in a shoe store for three years. It sold all kinds of brands, but the brand that sold the most was Air Jordan. With prices well above $100, they sold like hot cakes and the age group that bought them were teenagers. Every month a new shoe comes out. And every time that happens, they sell out-fast, some times with in minutes. Michael Jordan through his God given talent has sold hundreds of thousands of pairs around the world to his loyal costumers, who continue to collect. This shows that today’s teens do not attain importance of wise decisions about spending money. The problem to Air Jordans is that they cost so much money. Michael Jordan has manipulated teens to buy his shoes that make a dent in their wallets or their parent’s

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