Michael Jordan : More Than an Athlete

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More than just an athlete Through impacts he made on and off the court, Michael Jordan is one of the most influential players in NBA history. Come on. Did you really think it'd be anyone else? The guy made the NBA globally popular. There are more players influenced by Jordan's game than anyone else in NBA history. Jordan is the player every elite player today gets compared to. He's such an amazing and influential player that even people who never saw him play know he's top 3. Michael Jordan had a great impact on society. Jordan changed the people's perspective on basketball. Before he joined the NBA, not many people really watched basketball because it didn’t have enough excitement in it. For example, the Chicago Bulls wasn’t very popular back then, they were one of the weakest team in the league. Only about 6 thousand fans showed up in home games, but Jordan being drafted to the Bulls changed that. Him joining the NBA helped increase its popularity. He became one of the pull factors of the NBA making more people want to watch it. Jordan also impacted the U.S economy endorsing products such as sporting goods and video games. People seeing their NBA idol on commercials and video game covers make them want to buy the product that he's endorsing. He's one of the reasons why companies such as Nike make a lot of investments. Jordan's shoe brand is one of the most purchased product today. He also became an idol to many people, especially to kids and teens, giving a reason to follow his footsteps of becoming a great basketball star. He went out there and played for the "Dream Team," a basketball team for the Olympics. The team obtained the gold medals with ease. Watching Jordan play and seeing how great he was, influenced many teens and kids around the

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