Special Occasion Speech (Inducting Micheal Jordan Into the Hall of Fame)

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Michael Jordan Hall of Fame induction Ladies and gentlemen we are here today to honor a special man, Michael Jordan, on his accomplishment into the Hall of Fame. Making it this far is not only hard, but it’s a privilege and a dream. Every player that plays in the NBA doesn’t get inducted into the Hall of Fame. There have been a lot of great players inducted in the past like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jerry West. Now we can add Michael Jordan name to the list of players I just named. Jordan is being inducted into the Hall of Fame today due to his great basketball skills on the court and all of the things he accomplished in fifteen seasons in the NBA. As a child Jordan basketball career had some ups and downs. According to ESPN, “during his sophomore year at Laney, a 5’9 Michael Jordan tried out for the basketball team. He was passed over for the final spot on the varsity team.” He took that as motivation and dominated on the junior varsity team. The next year he made the varsity team and led them to the state playoff his senior year. Accepting a scholarship for North Carolina, Jordan started as a freshman. He hit a game winning shot in the championship game that made him part of college history. He was named player of the year after his great performance his junior year. Jordan succeeded in the NBA like any other player would want to. Unlike any other rookie, he was already making a name for himself. He led his team in scoring and he scored more points than any other player in the NBA that season. This wasn’t a normal type of thing you usually see from a rookie. Jordan and the Bulls made a huge turn around after going six seasons without winning a NBA title. The first of six titles came in the 1990-91 season, not only was this Jordan first title it was also the Chicago Bulls first title in franchise history. That season brought faith to a

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