James Vs Kobe Bryant Essay

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Kobe Bryant VS LeBron James The National Basketball Association (NBA) has produced some of the greatest men’s basketball players who all have put a mark in the record books based off their performances. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat’s star LeBron James are both the face of the NBA toady. The ultimate goal for both players is to win championships. However, their approach to the same goal is different. Through exploring their early life, style of play and team/individual performance, there was a dramatic difference to reaching one common goal; winning championships. Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and started playing basketball at tender age of three. At six years of age his family moved to Italy where he learned to…show more content…
LeBron James understands what it means to be a team player. For example his style of play and winning success is to involve his teammates and Kobe relies on his individual performance to pull his team to victory. The difference is noted and evident with their assist and field goals attempted statistics. Throughout LeBron’s career (10 years) he has accumulated a total of 5,302 assist which is roughly 6.9 assist per contest. Kobe is not known as the pass first player. Throughout his career (17 years) he has 5,887 assist. That’s around 4.9 assist per game. LeBron’s assist numbers shows that early in his career he involves his teammates into the game more than Kobe. LeBron’s assist numbers through 10 years of play are close to Kobe’s assist numbers throughout 17 years. Also Kobe shoots the ball at a tremendously high rate, showing that he solely depends on his individual performance. Over a 17 year span Kobe shot 24,301 shots, and that statistic includes shots from the 3-point line. While LeBron shot 15,411 shots over 10 years. LeBron’s numbers shows that he doesn’t depend exclusively on shooting the

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