Comparison/Contrast Derrick Rose and Chris Paul

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Derrick Rose vs. Chris Paul Having a great point guard in the basketball is hard to come around now in the NBA. They have to show good quality such as leadership, basketball IQ, and team work. However there are two great point guards who are highly debuted in the NBA. Derrick Rose and Chris Paul seem to be at the top of their game. The only question is who is better? Who hold all the quality of a great point guard? All-star a player have to have great leadership in the NBA. As a star it is your duty to step up as a leader and control the tempo in order to win games. Derrick Rose leadership is taking his team to another level as far as winning games. He prepares and contributes his self to make sure his team wins. He leaves no stone unturned on the court. From being a young rookie point guard to winning MVP for being a leader for his team, it’s hard to say this only the beginning of his skills. Chris Paul however is all around point guard. Any team he joins in the NBA, he take leadership by being a pure point guard. This consists of assisting and playing great defense. He can play up to 3 positions on the basketball court. Chris Paul leadership consists of being an all-around player. Paul is probably the only point guard who can mix in with any team. Not saying other players couldn’t, but Paul is the only player that takes the teams chemistry higher. All in all they both players have a team leadership that any team would love to have. Every basketball player has to have a good basketball IQ. Whether an amateur or pro, you had to have it. Both players have great basketball IQ. They have great vision for the court. Understanding where their teammates are and helping them score. They have great defense. In fact they both were in the top 20 players to average 2 or more steal per game. This makes them even great basketball players. Since high school, Rose has

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