Compare And Contrast Shaq And Dwight Howard

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Jeremiah Moran Mr. Carr ENGL 101 16 March, 2011 Battle of the Supermen When most people hear superman they think of someone who has exceptional and almost superhuman abilities. In the NBA there are two players who have been given this title. The two players are Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq has been playing longer so he has better stats for his career, but he still can’t fly. Dwight Howard has the edge in many categories, such as athleticism. There is no doubt these two gentlemen are both great players, and dominant big men, but Dwight Howard deserves the title more than Shaq. Shaq was athletic early in his career, but Howard took it to a whole new level. Howard is quite possibly the most athletic big man to play the game. He is 6’11” tall; He comes armed with a 7’6” wingspan and a 40” vertical (“”). Shaq on the other hand is 7’1” tall; He has a 7’7” wingspan and a 32” vertical leap (“Players”). Dwight Howard was the youngest player ever to 7,000 rebounds (“Latest Headlines-NBA news”). Howard accomplished this at the young age of twenty-five years and eighty-three days. At this pace he will easily amass Shaq’s career total of 13,089 rebounds before he is finished (“Players”). Dwight clearly has the athletic edge in the battle of the Supermen. Shaq has played in the NBA…show more content…
There is no doubt this is one of Dwight Howard’s strong points. He led the NBA in blocks in the 2008 and 2009 seasons (Harasymiw 20). He also won the defensive player of the year award in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 seasons (Latest Headlines-NBA news. This is something Shaquille O’Neal never accomplished (Latest Headlines-NBA news). Not to say Shaq wasn’t a good defensive player. Although he has never been a good on-the-ball defender, he was a good shot blocker. It was still not enough to earn him the honor. Dwight Howard is one of the best defensive big men of all time. He has the accolades to prove

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