Michael Jordan and Globalization

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By the end of the twentieth America’s economy and culture had reached many parts of the globe. American businesses had become globalized and no longer relied on the United States as their only market. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Nike had become a new type of corporation that relied on global capitalism. New technologies and types of communication had opened up the world for these companies. Through advertisement and television they were able to sell their products to countries around the world. They convinced their viewers they were not just selling a product but a lifestyle. The basketball star Michael Jordan was tool they used to promote and sell their products. By the time Michael Jordan had entered the NBA, his popularity grew instantly he. He was able to turn around a Chicago Bulls franchise that was struggling to win games and make little money. Through his success he was able to capitalize of his popularity. Companies launched large scale advertisement campaigns and products that centered on Jordan. Michael Jordan had become one of the most recognizable figures in the world and a symbol for American culture. The NBA’s popularity and wealth increased dramatically by the time Michael Jordan had been drafted by the Bulls. Through new technologies Michael Jordan and NBA games could be seen around the world. The NBA became a global television goldmine because it was able to capitalize off of Jordan’s global recognition and popularity. Before Michael Jordan had been a Chicago bull the franchise’s wealth had been a meager nineteen million, which number quickly grew to over one hundred and ninety million in a matter of years. The NBA was not the only company to capitalize off of the Michael Jordan phenomenon, corporations such as Nike and Coca-Cola made billions worldwide off of Jordan. Michael Jordan also made a fortune off his success. He had multimillion

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