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Kyle Everett Mr. Ward ENGL-1302 10/16/13 72-10 Micheal Jordan is considered the basketball messiah, but what about the bulls '95-'96 season where they achieved an NBA best 72 win season. Throughout this season they shattered a multitude of records ranging from the longest home win streak in a single season to the most road game wins in a single season. Without a question this was one of if not the best performances by a single team in theentire history of the NBA. I’m going to rate the bulls on certain criteria like home court dominance, margin of victory, Defense, Month by Month Dominance, post season record and the season record. With these achievements I plan to prove that the bulls '95-'96 season was the greatest team/season…show more content…
In basketball these numbers demonstrated some of the most suffocating defense the league had seen that season and also the three Hall of Famers, Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman, would actually go on to win All-Defensive First Team Honors, which would actually be the first time in NBA history where three players on a single team would win this award. To go along with the category of defense, the Bulls would also have an astonishing margin of victory during the regular-season, post season, and the two combined. The bulls had a marginal victory of about 15 PPG even though this wasn't the best in the regular-season, falling short to the '72 lakers which had a 15.9 PPG, the bulls stayed consistent through the playoffs were they maintained the 15 PPG margin. Even though they we're ranked number 2 in NBA history in both categories, regular-season and post season margin of victory, they were number 1 in the two of them combined being a more consistent team than that of teams like the '86 Celtics, '67 Sixers, '72 Lakers, '87 Lakers and the '64 Celtics whose rosters contained basketball patriarchs like Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, and Magic

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