Halo Effect Essay

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“The Halo Effect” The “halo effect” is the idea that when the overall population sees a product on or used by a celebrity, they will be more inclined to purchase the product because they want to mimic there role model. For years, sporting companies have used this belief, by using athletes to sell there products to fans. A perfect example would be Under Amour’s latest commercial, entitled “Footsteps” using star athletes like Cam Newton and elite track and field runner Monica Hargrove. As the athletes train hard the camera zooms in on the athlete’s shoes promoting their signature Charge RC shoes. Companies like Gatorade, Nike, and Under Armour place their products on athletes to increase the sales of their merchandise. Athletes endorsing merchandise can be trace back to 1921 when Chuck Taylor signed with converse. This set precedent for other superstar athletes who followed, athletes like Michael Jordan and Julius Erving to name a few. “In the 1930s, Converse……added Taylor’s name to the All Star ankle patch. This broke down walls as the first sneaker bearing a player’s name.” (Osei-Dwunmoh) Nowadays athletes get more than just their names on sneakers and fan apparel. Athletes today receive enormous endorsement deals for signing with a company. Tiger Woods signed a five-year deal with Nike for $100 million in 2000. When LeBron James entered the league straight from high school he signed a $90 million sponsorship contract with Nike. In all case the athlete earns more from endorsements than in salary. (Steven J. Jaskson) Gatorade, the US market leader in sports drinks, is a company that understands the advantage of athletes in advertising. They currently endorse players of all types of sports including, baseball player Derek Jeter, former basketball player Michael Jordan, tennis player Serena Williams, soccer player Landon Donovan, and football players

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