Messi vs Chicharito

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Moises Garcia English 1301 M02 10/13/11 Lionel Messi V.S. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez In football soccer today, among all of the great players, there are two truly distinguished players: Lionel Messi; who is Argentinean and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez; who is Mexican. They are both recognized for being the top goal scorers not only in their team and league but in all of the football soccer federation. With their charisma and skills they have won thousands of fans and are respected by their teammates and other great soccer players. Although Chicharito at the moment, is the top goal scorer in Europe, most Consider Messi the best soccer player in the world. Being almost of the same age, Javier Hernandez and Leo Messi are two of the most skilled and charismatic soccer players in our time. Winning over thousands of fans each, they are greatly admired and respected among teammates, coaches and other players. They both stand out mainly because they have been able to score more goals than most if not all other players in their league. Messi, playing for FC Barcelona, has scored until today, a total of 205 goals in his career since 2003. Chicharito, playing for Manchester United, has lead the league in most goals in more than one occasion scoring an average of two goals per game. Both Messi and Chicarito are in the starting lineup in their league teams and national teams, winnig various awards each like (in Chicharito’s case), “Goalgetter 2011”, and (in Messi’s case), he was the winner of the Golden ball in the 2009 Worldcup. Although they are both great players, their playing style and techniques is what differences them immediately. Lionel Messi is recognized and compared to the Argentinean, Diego Maradona, one the greatest soccer players of all time next to the Brazilian, Pele. Being oustanding in his pace, in

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