Why Lil Wayne Is an Icon

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National Living Treasure Whether we admit it as Americans or not, we all have a people that we designate, honor, and financially support. We just do it without realizing what is going on. Every album or song we buy from our favorite singer/songwriter goes directly into the pocket of the artist. Now with the help of I-Tunes, artists are making more and more money than they used to, no contest. Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is probably one of the most influential rappers alive, and more than likely one of the most well-known across America. Dwayne, aka Lil Wayne, is the one guy I would sponsor to be my “National Living Treasure” out of any other American, no doubt. Lil Wayne landed in the rap scene when he was at the young age of eleven years old. Ever since the day he was signed by Cash Money Records in nineteen ninety-three, he has exploded and become one of the most successful artists Hip-hop/Rap has come across. With nine studio albums and twenty-five mixtapes, all eyes are on Lil Wayne to see what is bound to come next. Wayne is my favorite choice as a “National Living Treasure” because when people listen and hear what Wayne is speaking about in his songs, they become inspired and motivated. For example, If Lil Wayne talked positively about President Obama in a song, I believe his polls would increase just because the rapper is that influential over his fans. If put to good use I think Wayne could become a very inspirational and motivational speaker, who catches the attention of millions of people. With his most recent album, The Carter IV, selling over three million copies in only five months; all he has to do is say something negative or positive about someone and all of his fans automatically have the same opinion. The man has got a substantial amount of power. Financially supporting the artist wouldn’t be an issue at all considering he has more money than

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