Argumentative Essay On Buy Nothing Day

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Buy Nothing Day Argument Essay Buy Nothing Day is a lesser known holiday that occurred a couple years past on Black Friday, a day traditionally known for buying an extravagant amount of goods in preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Some urge the worldwide acceptance of this holiday in order to “expose the environmental and ethical consequences of overconsumption.” The implications of this holiday can be both beneficial and harmful although here, the bad quickly overwhelms the good. The focus of the holiday season has quickly become about buying gifts and other consumer goods. Religious people generally argue that the holiday season is being overwhelmed with the ideology of buy, buy, buy. The institution of a Buy Nothing Day would…show more content…
Spending spikes every year around November and December when holiday shopping starts. These spikes allow for many people to be employed, and in turn for many others to be fed. Seasonal employment starts right around the when the spending spikes start. In creating a Buy Nothing Day, employees who usually are working to feed their families are at home, doing nothing since they can’t afford to do anything. These families then become a strain on society, a strain that could easily be alleviated if only there were more jobs. A Buy Nothing Day would also damage the economy. Millions of dollars would be lost in revenue, money that is so desperately needed when the economy is doing so poorly. A Buy Nothing Day could cripple the economy. Instituting a Buy Nothing holiday has some good as well as bad effects, although the harm greatly outweighs the benefits. A Buy Nothing Day is of use socially in a time where the focus should be about spending time with loved ones and worshiping in that way one sees fit although, when such a day causes a huge lag in improving the economy the social implications are worthless. Even if all the money that was spent buying non-necessities were donated to charities, there is no guarantee that all the money donated would reach those in need. In short, A Buy Nothing Day although virtuous in thought is horrible in reality as it allows for the breakdown of an already fragile
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