Negative Outcome Of Taxes

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Taxes Taxes were created to fund the military and create jobs within the government. Money from state sales taxes pay for jobs within the state, property taxes pay for public education, and federal taxes pay for the military and people who are employed by the federal government. Taxes are hurting us in the long run. When people pay taxes, they are basically paying for what the government gives us. Taxes pay for services that keep the roads running smoothly, keep traffic lights running, They allow people to live nice quality lifestyle. Even though we get nice things we get in return, we also get our tax dollars wasted. For example, we invest millions tax dollars in companies such as Solyndra, and six months later it closes. Also, taxes are unruly because it gives the rich politicians a ton of money to decide what to do with it ,and they usually put it in the wrong place, when taxes are supposed to be for the better of society and public services. Taxes are also unfair. not everyone is taxed the same depending on their income. For example, the poor pay more taxes than the rich. It is simply crazy. It is also unfair how people must “qualify” to receive benefits through taxes. Taxes are unfair through many aspects. Millions of our tax dollars go into starting government funded companies, such as Solyndra. When are required to pay taxes, they expect the money to be going to a good cause. However, 535 Million dollars went into building this state-of-the-art facility says Anthony Watts in his article. Solyndra locked its doors for one last time six months after opening them. The government should have foreseen what happened and spent the tax payers dollars of something else. This infuriated tax payers, that their hard earned money is going toward wasteful government spending. The government is obviously careless about how they spend our tax dollars. The government has

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