Causes Of 2008-2009 American Recession

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2008-2009 American Recession Amber May POL 201 Professor Dawson March 26th 2012 2008-2009 American Recession In 2008 America faced a financial crisis of historic proportions (O’Conner and Sabato, 2011). By September 2008 more than 150,000 jobs were lost. With many people out of work with no way to pay for everyday expenses, people were looking for someone to hold responsible. Although many people tend to blame one person for the economic downfall, many people and issues played a role in the 2008 downfall. The major issues that caused the downfall were high unemployment, problems with banking policies, high inflation rates and oil prices. The key players in the downfall include the president of the United States, the people…show more content…
Many people try to place blame on one person for the economic downfall. “Pill continue to show that Americans believe that President George W. Bush is to blame for the failing economy” (Patterson, 2011). There are many different reasons that people believe former President Bush should take the blame for the failing economy. He made many policy changes that caused people to question his authority. People were mad about the changes that he made and choose to blame him because he was the President. One policy that Bush changed was a policy that gave tax cuts. Instead of these cuts being for the poor who already could not afford much, the break was given to the wealthy. With less taxes being taken from the wealthy, there was a deficit in tax money coming in. The poorer people had to pay more taxes that they could not afford, while the wealthy got to spend more on whatever they wanted. Although this policy should have helped the economy, the spending for the less wealthy decreased too much (Patterson,…show more content…
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