Us Tax System Is Unfair Essay

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US Taxation System is Unfair to Ordinary Workers Kesha Krider Devry University Does anyone find it hard to shake the feeling that the wealthy have ways of hanging on to more of their money, while year after year the middle class dutifully hand over their hard earned money to our abominable tax system? It is past time to overhaul the way we pay for the services that our government provides for us in the United States. The current system of multiple taxes, when considered as a whole, is grossly unfair to ordinary workers. Two major points to acknowledge about the unfairness is the fact that middle class workers have no representation or knowledge of the establishments of laws and the dreaded burden of continuous tax hikes. The federal, state and local tax systems in the United States have been marked by significant changes over the years in response to changing circumstances and changes in the role of government. The types of taxes collected, their relative proportions, and the importance of the revenues collected are all far different than they were 100 years ago. Some of these changes are traceable to specific historical events, such as a war or the passage of the 16th Amendment. Early in the history of the United States, the Treasury Department relied on sales taxes and tariffs for much of the…show more content…
Although the rich is being blamed for this tax reform, The Cato Institute’s Edwards say the main loopholes on the individual tax code are actually middle class benefits. Middle class lacks the knowledge of knowing when tax breaks are beneficial to them. The mortgage interest deduction and the exclusion for health care insurance are two benefits for the middle class, but the wealthy folk hire lawyers and accountants to get around, to benefit excessively from these tax code

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