The American Dream Redefined Again Analysis

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Eddie Martinez Professor Kellen English I September 24, 2012 The American Dream Redefined, Again In his article, Brandon King defines the state of the American dream this way “I would redefine the American Dream today as the potential to work for an honest, secure way of life and save for the future” (573). 47 percent of the American population believes this redefinition needs to be redefined again. Since 2011, when his article was published, the economy has actually gotten worse for many Americans. For the last 50 years people rarely found themselves in ever growing fear of losing or finding a job, home, car or basic needs. In the past they found homes and apartments affordable, and food available at reasonable prices. Many made annual…show more content…
The local economy and the global forces and economic pressures have affected people’s prospects in achieving a rich lifestyle and rely heavily on government entitlements and programs which so many criticize as going in the wrong direction. But in reality, entitlements like Medicaid, food assistance (SNAP), Medicare and Social Security have helped so many Americans survive through these hard times, although many of these programs do not form part of the American Dream in many minds. In the past many Americans depended on manufacturing jobs for their livelihood. When they got a job, there was a great amount of certainty that they could rely on it to progress and sustain a healthy lifestyle for their family to buy a home, car and everything that came with it. Today those jobs have gone to other developing nations who can afford to hire employees at low wage. Many believe there is a worldwide trend towards government and the private sector merging together to preserve the American way of life and their well-being, which is the future answer to solve our economic…show more content…
But not even President Obama’s $33 billion tax credit was not enough to substantially increase jobs in the market. To the contrary, it has gotten more difficult and complicated to keep the job market growing at a satisfactory pace. King claims ”If the Great Recession has taught us anything, it is that planning for the future by saving more and enacting policies that sustain economic growth are what will keep the American Dream alive.” Many economists believe that rather than having the resources divided among different competing groups, individuals should be giving unregulated economic freedom to selfishly improve their lot and eventually their efforts would trickle down to the rest of society. Though this thought actually worked for America for many decades, the global markets no dictate what control we have over the

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