Issue Of Illegal Immigration In The United States

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Illegal Immigration in the United States The nation of America and Her citizens is currently at a crossroad as a result of some deliberations that key policy makers made in past years continuing to haunt its people. The issue of illegal immigration is, in fact, a major challenge to America and its economy in part because there is no clear estimate of the existing number of these illegal immigrants in the nation to warrant effective planning. Most of these illegal immigrants came to seek employment opportunities. With the absence of a mechanism to compute the exact number of these people the country would not be in a better position to budget its funds for various pillars of economy like health care and achieve the desirable outcome of offering…show more content…
In fact, some people argue that these people help in driving important parts of the economy because they willingly accept and undertake the tedious and physical types of manual chores that most Americans would much rather avoid. Such labor boasting long strenuous working hours and cheap wages are positively not on the top of any American’s criteria when searching for employment. Some also report that hose illegal’s that are paying their taxes pay greater amounts than the ordinary American does, and this increase in amount of revenue is beneficial to the nation’s budget use to help improve on such provisions of services like, quality healthcare and Medicare, even though the number of those paying taxes is significantly less than the undocumented evaders. For example, a 2006 report by the Texas Office of the Comptroller found that the state's estimated 1.4 million undocumented immigrants contributed more in state revenues than they cost in state services during fiscal year 2005. The net gain for the state was $424.7 million, according to the report. Yet, the same study found the opposite trend for local governments and hospitals, which experienced an estimated net loss of $928.9 million in 2005 due to undocumented immigrants (Evans). Illegals also pay taxes when buying commodities and by taking part in the market place, they are technically increasing the nation’s economic strength, and that their cheap labor leverages the prices for commodities in turn making goods more affordable for most Americans. Also, worth mentioning in regards to any positive element illegal aliens might have to offer is their participation in invention and technological innovations for the

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