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International Trade ECO 372 University of Phoenix There are many contributing factors to the stabilization and prosperity of our global market. We, the United States, are living in a time of severe trade deficit, meaning that we are importing many more goods than we are exporting. While it is nice to be able to buy foreign products at a lower price, there is risk in doing so. When we purchase foreign goods over domestic at lower prices it forces our domestic companies to sell their goods at lower prices to remain competitive. These lower prices may lend to making enough profit to sustain the current workforce. Unemployment leads to less spending. Less spending means fewer jobs will be available and the vicious cycle continues. An increasing amount of products from China are being imported to the United States. Yvonne Smith, a communications director at the Port of Long Beach states, "We export cotton, we import clothing. We export hides, we bring in shoes. We export scrap metal. We bring back machinery. We're exporting waste paper, we bring back…show more content…
If we do not buy imported goods then they will not buy ours and without export revenue and foreign investments we would not be able to function financially. When exports increase so does the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). GDP is the dollar amount of all goods and services produced within the United States. When the GDP is high it signifies that our economy is healthy and stable. When companies can produce more due to demand they are able to hire more workers, which can lower the unemployment rate. Lowering the unemployment rate will provide more income tax revenue to the government and fewer citizens taking unemployment benefits. Conversely, when exports decrease consumers pay less money for products causing domestic profits to decline and companies are unable to maintain or increase their workforce causing the unemployment rate to

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