Is Free Trade a Bad Idea for Economy?

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Is Free Trade a bad idea for economy? Free trade’s ideology has been a controversial debate whether it has a positive or negative impact on the economy. Recently the US congress has approved free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, ending a four year drought in the forming of new trade partnerships. Supporters say this agreement will stimulate the economy and put more than nearly half of a hundred of thousands people back to work. However, there are people who are feared it will not be good and has an opposite impact for all concerned. It looks like a win-to-win scenario; it creates a good amount of jobs needed and reduces tariffs that benefit all members involved, but some are concerned about the agreement will benefit some specific groups and some will not. The problem is while the cost of labors in the US is expensive the labor’s cost of neighbor countries is cheaper; this leads to the jobs loss for the American people and workers. For example, Columbia is still one of the most dangerous places on Earth because of the government and its persecutions for those who against it; just like Chinese government. Next, the working condition for Columbian workers is poor and that concerns of some the human right group. The cost of labor in Columbia is cheap and much cheaper than the cost of labor in the US. The large and ambitious corporations take the advantage and secure the jobs for foreigners over sea. Therefore, the US workers have been facing couple massive layoffs from their works in factories. There are many interesting cartoon critical of free trade in the Internet, the picture above is one of them. The picture shows a fat man who is wearing a blue suit and using a whip and a cuff to a US worker who is desperately losing his job and a poor looking foreigner farmer who is suffering from low wages and working condition. What the meaning

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