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David Porter 2/26/12 Business Management Professor Laidler China Blue Sweat shops have become an epidemic in China with the rapid population growth and not many opportunities many citizens settle for the lousy work. They work long tireless hours for little to no pay. The workers are not allowed breaks and are told they can only use the bathroom twice a shift. Also the food that is provided for them during the shift is deducted out of their pay. Factories with sweatshops provide the poorest of working conditions and show the workers no appreciation. Owners of these factories act more as if they were running a boot camp rather than a factory. Globalization refers to the relationship of businesses around the world becoming more intertwined to a similar culture. It is not just a single process because of all the people it affects in many ways. A time it took place many times the documentary China Blue such as when there were Americans and people from other countries came to observe the factory. It has a big impact on buyers who plan to retail in stores, in a positive way reducing cost of bulk. This is because there is a reduction in international barriers such as tariffs, export fees, and import quotas. The losers in globalization as shown in documentary china blue are the workers at the factory. Workers become losers in this process because the producers have to sell their products close to dirt cheap which causes them to work more for cheaper. Such as how the jeans being sold were being sold at $4.10 a pair which is multiple times more in retail. Neoliberalism has been a factory primarily in China and also India who have had suffering economies until recent years. Neoliberalism benefits owners who receive all the benefits of the production. Such as Mr. Lam who was chief of Police then opened a denim factory and has been doing quite well.

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