Big Business Essay

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Big business Discuss the transformation of the business world, as well as the emergence of the railroads as the first modern day big business. How did the changes shape the economy and society? During the nineteenth century the country changed dramatically from a rural agricultural to an urban industrialized nation. This era was led by the “robber baron” or those who would bully their way to success at the expense of their competitors and employees. The industry that drove this steam powered idea was the railroad company. Before this time the country was spread apart with no way of distributing goods in a manner that could adequately supply its customers. And since the railroad was a business in itself that needed workers it created many job openings as well as a market need for goods. This industrialized our nation and connected it to be the powerhouse it was in the 20th century. Were they beneficial for the consumer? At first the expansion of big business was good for the consumer by bringing more goods at a cheaper price but as time went on they noticed a monopoly affect in where big corporations, and the greed that ran them, could increase the rates of their goods and the consumer would have to pay or do without. What types of backlash arose due to Big is was do to Business? Many Americans felt uneasy about the rise of giant corporations and their increasing influence over people’s lives. Workers had virtually no bargaining power with their employers and were extremely vulnerable to economic downturns, which left them unemployed at a moment’s notice. Similarly they were forced to accept the dangerous working conditions, long hours, and often low pay offered by large enterprises (Porter, 1973) Porter, Glenn. The Rise of Big Business, 1860-1910. New York: Crowell, 1973. Nations of Nations, pp 544, 545. 546,
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