Who Is To Blame For America

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I Believe President Obama is not at Fault Some Americans blame President Obama for the economic. The economy was in poor conditions when Obama was elected. President Obama has inherent a number of ongoing country's problems. In which, some of the American people blames the president for. It seems easy for some of the American people (Republican, Tea Party, and etc.) to point the finger at him. My belief is that President Obama is not at fault for the ongoing problems in America. One thing, some Americans are blaming Obama for is the war. How can Obama be blamed? The war was going on years before Obama had been elected for president. Bush was president in the White House at the time, the war began and sent the United State's troops to fight. The war was in fact, something the United States should have never been involved with in the first place. The United States cannot police the entire world. We did not have anything to do with the argument. Also, we are invading and innocents people are begin murdered. The Americans did not learn from the Vietnam conflict. President Obama was left with the task…show more content…
The unemployment was on the rise, and the job market was declining at a high rate. This was going on before he got in the White House. I feel like it is up to the owners' to stay or leave. Companies are taking their businesses overseas to have employees work for lower salaries, paying lower tax rates, better tax credit, or to have more money in the their pockets. Some businesses feel like they are not making money here in the United States. Our manufacturing workforce are the main ones, leaving. There likely never coming back. The damage to America's labor force is real deep. America's will never be able to move forward without jobs. Without good paying jobs Americans are losing their homes, losing cars, having no food, and no utilities. Some Americans are having to get one or more part-time jobs just to

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