Was The Rise Of Industrial Capitalism In The 1800's

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Emily Cornwell Mr. Costello IB History/Period 6 3 December 2010 Word Count: 993 Was the Rise of Industrial Capitalism in the Second Half of the 1800’s Good for the United States? Evidence: As the Industrial Revolution arose, a new system of industrial capitalism had transformed America. The rise of industrial capitalism industrialized America which changed the way people managed and controlled a business based on the ideas of large-scale corporations. With this new system, it both stimulated and perturbed people due to the benefits and consequences it had. The rise of industrial capitalism drastically changed America and the way people thought which had a both positive and negative effect on America. The new industrial transformation made life easier and more convenient for people with the invention of new technology, ideas, and more opportunities. It created more job opportunities and allowed people to use their creativity. People had the freedom to pursue wealth with self-interest and competition as their…show more content…
The only ones who really benefitted from industrial capitalism were the giant corporations and those who believed in capitalism. The oppression of workers, polluted rivers and land, dark business practices, fierce competition, and the destruction of the conventional skills led to the enlargement of these giant corporations. As the giant corporations continued to progress the laborers were going nowhere, and their situation was only getting worse. The unskilled workers were hired because industries were not forced to pay them a reasonable amount of money, and the capitalists believed in self-interest and greed. The giant corporations were becoming wealthier as the workers were becoming deprived of everything where the wages would decline to starvation levels and they had nowhere to
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