Illegal Immigration Case Study Essay

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Interactive case study Week -3 At the border By Seethamahalakshmi lagisetty 1Q-CMM521X-A2-07- Managing Organizational Conflicts To Dr. Anderson Sullivan University winter 2013 Stakeholders and their interests: Stakeholders are the people or groups, who are interested to stay here in The US. They interested is to seek refuge in a relatively safer haven than their own country. The inhabitants have to share the resources with the refugees, where they wanted to cross the borders of the town. The local residents are facing the threat of security because there is no strong security to control illegal immigrants. Enforcement of immigration laws will require additional measures beyond a border fence should restrict the illegal entry. Many of the stakeholders are poorly educated, unskilled workers. They fill the sort of jobs that most native-born Americans will not take, at least not for the same price. List possible competing values and goals that could be at play? Competing values and goals: The illegal immigrants view the United States as…show more content…
This is the cause of many economic issues such as decreasing job opportunities, rising costs, injustice, and crime. Border security breach for the country as a whole and in particular for the residents of the town may cause ecological imbalance by over populating the locality. It is hard to find, when an illegal immigrant commits a crime it takes much longer to sentence him. The government has created to help people that do not have the funds for things such as health care, food, and other things. The taxpayers pay for these programs. As the population and the need for these benefits increase, the taxpayers pay increasingly more money. This does not help the economy. It is not fair for American citizens to have to increasingly pay more money to help support the illegal immigrants while struggling to support themselves and their own
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