Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigrants

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Can you still live the American dream? The immigration in the United States has become more and more illegal. People are being smuggled every day into the country, only to live at better life, and to start all over, but the success is very limited, since the immigrants live in fear of being deported every day, so they live their live with a low-profile: staying out of trouble and working many hours every day for very low paycheck. Is this really a dream come true? At the moment, there are estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, and it only seems impossible to deport each and every one of them, since it would cost too much, and the idea itself sounds impossible. Why not take “advantage” of these illegal immigrants, and making them legal?…show more content…
At the same time, it gives the companies using them, a big advantage on their revenue, because the staff charges become lower than the companies who has legal labor. For the companies who take advantage of the illegal immigrants, there is a big pro with very cheap labor, but they also take a huge risk, if it is discovered, they would end up with a huge bill, and other punishments. A con to the United States is that they would not be paying taxes, so the government would not get their income from them, and at the same time, the illegal immigrants’ lives a life in a bad environment. They could eventually end up being blackmailed to pay some of their already low paycheck, so in the end, it would simply not be worth to live the life of an illegal immigrant. From that we can conclude that there in the end are not really any pros being an illegal immigrant. There are only pros for companies taking advantage of the cheap labor they can get from them, but the consequences are to

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