Immigration: Damaging Or Helpful

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Immigration, damaging or helpful? Immigration has been a problem in the United States since before the country was established. Many citizens and politicians claim that illegal immigration is a hindrance to the country’s economy because immigrants take American jobs and that they don’t pay taxes. They also agree that our government spends too much money in keeping them out. People on the other side of this argument claim that immigrants help by taking unwanted jobs with very little pay, and in doing that they are helping keep the prices of domestic goods down across the country. Can immigration be really called a problem? It is likely that most people would call immigration a major problem. Even though immigrants take the lowest of domestic jobs and it is agreed that too much money is being spent to thwart illegals from trying to come into the country, immigration ultimately helps the economy because immigrants take undesirable jobs and there is no statistical evidence that immigration is harming our country in any way. In fact the opposite is the truth; there is evidence that immigration helps the economy in boosting the amount of jobs and that wages are altered in a positive way for everybody who works legally. Illegal immigrants come into the US from all over the world, and they all have one thing in common, they all come for a better life. The truth is, many immigrants do achieve a better life. They’re not millionaires or anything of the sort, but a lot of people live a decent regular life in the states and the pet peeve to the majority of Americans is that immigrants do not contribute to the economy and they only hurt the economy by not paying taxes and sending the money to their families in need in other countries. “An increase in immigrants would lower the wage of native workers, and raise the wage of non-recent immigrants and capital, but these effects are

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