Negative Effects Of Illegal Immagration

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| Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration | | | | | English Composition I Thomas Buffington 04/21/2011 | Illegal immigration affects every citizen in the United States in a negative way by keeping our taxes high, stealing American jobs, and making our country unsafe. Although this country was founded by immigrants we are no longer trying to build a country. There are Americans here struggling to pay bills, find jobs and live free of danger. Government agencies have tried to crack down on these immigrants but have been unsuccessful in their efforts so far. The problem is continuing to get worse and will eventually cause a decline in the American way of life. Although having immigrants coming to America is important to our society, it is only valuable when done the right way. The problem we are having is immigrants coming here and not having a positive effect on our economy. They are only putting more of a strain on an already empty economy. Billions of our tax dollars are being spent every year on illegal immigrants. Most of this comes from the billions of dollars we spend on border protection. Since 2002 spending for border security has increased from 7.5 billion to 17.9 billion as reported by Despite the increase in funding and staff our borders are still far from being secure. Each year and estimated 3 million cross guarded locations with false documentation. That is not including the nearly 5 million that cross at unguarded locations. Even though the main goal of the border patrol is to capture these immigrants; the U.S. taxpayer is still responsible for the Cost of holding them. The average cost after capture to hold and deport and illegal immigrant is around 1,700 dollars. This amount is up from 300 dollars in 1999. Although Border protection is costly it is not the only thing keeping our taxes high.
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