Outsourcing Jobs In America

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America Outsourcing. By Dwayne Berry This paper will walk through many of things that go on in America. Outsourcing jobs is one of the main things that are not helping America grow as a greater nation. Outsourcing jobs are taking away from us “AMERICANS” who have tried to work hard with what we are giving. The outsourcing of jobs is not a bad thing for the company because it makes them more money, but for the people who don’t have what young people talk about as bank! Have to try and make something happened. Gas can run anywhere from $3.19- $3.79 and up in Texas alone. But yet major company’s want to outsourcing jobs, and capitalize on the little bit of money they gain. As they manage to indirectly take food off of Americans tables. Is that fair or right? How would anyone feel not knowing where there last meal may be coming from. Us as…show more content…
American Government has relayed on the middle class for so long to where the middle class is losing more numbers by the minute. The big picture at hand is the next generation. What are we going to do because pretty soon the jobs that can be outsourcing problem will be. Why can’t we put a stop to outsourcing our bread and butter? Bread and butter is a term that is pretty much means money. Something about money or income. The C.O of American companies make more bread and butter as long as they hurt others in the process so they can’t afforded bread and butter. My question to you is the little bit of change American C.O make really the best for the dollar. Sometimes it hurts to say I’m American because we don’t always take care of our own. In closing us as America should find a way to to get this sistiuiation handle as much as possible because we they are only hurt the people, and the society we all leave in. The middle class is heading towards the exit doors. America can help every one else but little old America. The only thing we can truly do for America is

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