The Benefits Of Welfare Reform

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The Great Depression just ended and more than twenty five percent of the American working force was unemployed. Jobs were scarce and millions needed help just to feed their families. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established several programs designed to help those in need. Today there is another need for welfare reform and the President and Congress cannot agree on what changes need to be made. Along with Immigration, Welfare is one of the hot topics that separate us as a country because there is a stigma that being on Welfare means that you are lazy and do not want to work and a lot of that displeasure is pointed to minorities. The inability of our political leaders to come up with a balanced budget and to fix the Nation’s…show more content…
When welfare changed in 1996, there were a few key changes to the program. Aid to Dependent Families with Children (ADFC) Program changed to TANF and the limit on benefits received was set at five years during a lifetime, the requirement of recipients to find a job within that timeframe, the promotion of marriage and the traditional two parent model and finally, each state will be monitored for compliance of these restrictions or risk losing their federal grant money. The statistics show that there are less people now on welfare than prior to the implementation of the PRWORA, almost fifty percent since 1994 (Teitler). While many have stopped using welfare, it may seem as a successful program, when many that have left have not done so because they found jobs, but because they were forced off (Curtis). There are some who may have found jobs, but the wages aren’t enough to support their families. Unfortunately, along with those that need assistance, there are those that live off the assistance illegally and choose to do so in the open without the fear of being caught. The people who have chosen to defraud the Welfare system do so knowingly and in some cases they are…show more content…
This is the type of abuse that is spattered all over media outlets. These types of instances infuriate taxpayers since this is where they see their hard earned money going to, funding not the less fortunate, but financing the unemployed leeches of American society. Various states have decided to pass laws that require welfare recipients to be administered drug tests before receiving benefits. This has, however, created a backlash from some of those receiving these benefits because they feel that the drug test infringes on their constitutional rights. This is another reason for the American taxpayer to look down on upon welfare recipients. Our national economic situation is going create a longer list that will to have to go on welfare and it will not get any better if something is not done to fix it. Although some people who defraud the system are caught, too many more people get away with it. There are millions of Americans that use welfare as it is intended, they get off of it and become more productive members of society. It is up to our leaders to do what is best for the entire nation by passing new Welfare Reform legislation that will punish those more harshly and get the financial aid to

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