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Prdent Oba’s Amebs Act Sp In September 8, 2011, President Obama gave an incredible speech on his economic plan, the American Jobs Act. In front of the congress, President Obama repeatedly told them to immediately pass the American Jobs me. The American Jobs Act will also provide tax breaks for those businesses that hire people, tax relief for every American family and also rebuild America. Schools all al competition was also included. President Obama said that there should be more products made in America sold around the world. Most of the proposal that President Obama presented had been supported by both the democrats and republicans. In the end, President Obama remained persistent to get the American Jobs Act passed. There are a lot of pabout the Ared low taxes for the Americans are great benefits. Americans wiladuating. Old infrastructure will be…show more content…
What concerns me is that there are illegal immigrants also working in the US. The only thing I know about businesses hiring illegal immigrants is that they can escape paying taxes. If there will be a lot of vacant jobs, is it going to be enough for the Americans? I hope it will be enough. I know that there are people willing to pay illegal immigrants but I think not paying taxes is going to hurt the US economy. I’m also thinking about college tuition. Will the American Jobs Act have any effect in tuition? Will there be a tuition hike? I have no idea how it will but I hope it won’t because it will be terrible. I agree that the American Jobs Act should be passed right away. In my opinion the American Jobs Act will be a great help for a lot of Americans. In the past few years, I haven’t heard any good news about the economy. What I always heard was the unemployment rate the debt of US to China. The American Jobs Act might not be a great idea for some people but I think that it will lead us to a better

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