Illegal Immigration and Its Economic Impact

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Illegal immigration does not have a negative economic impact in the United States as some people would make it seem. This misconception is due to people thinking that the illegal immigrants are stealing the jobs of good citizens leaving them without work. Another misconception is that the workers are taking money from our economy. However both of these reasons are quickly proven unfounded in fact. This topic is of importance to the people of the United States because there are around 12 million illegal immigrants living and working in this nation. Though these people should not have come illegally into this country, nevertheless now that they are here our economy is more bountiful because of it. More than a third of all non-legal immigrants are working in just three cities; Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. This alone takes out a lot of the argument from people who think that illegal immigrants are stealing their jobs. Furthermore these immigrants are taking whatever jobs they can find, and because of this they are doing some of the most undesired jobs in the nation. Some people would argue that the illegal immigrants are taking money from our economy, but this notion is also quickly put to rest, as these workers are putting there money right back into the economy as they buy cell phones, or parts for their cars, or any number of other goods. Because they purchase goods they help other businesses prosper and more jobs are created. Hence the non-legal immigrants are not a hindrance to our society but rather they help it. These people are close to the bottom of our society and yet they provide a crucial role. They take on the jobs that no one else wants to do, and they get paid little for doing it. With this lower wage comes cheaper prices to consumers as they buy this product or service. As our economy continues to enlarge, the more people that have jobs and that

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