Poverty: Shaping a Nation Of Its Own

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Jodi Atwal Leech Eng 1A Essay 1 28 September 2011 Poverty: Shaping a nation of it’s own. Poverty has been around forever in every corner of the world; it is just that many of us here in America might have not noticed it as much until the last decade or so. Sure enough poverty is growing, and it isn’t taking its sweet little time at all. Is there a safe explanation for this that cannot be proven false? Many may argue that the falling economy and the wealthy not wanting to share their shares is to blame for the raising rates of poverty here in the states. Poverty of course, has a lot to do with money and income but underneath that it is has a deeper story. Stories of how different people are suffering from it and how they are managing to live day by day. It almost seems as if it’s a foreign nation of its own and you only understand the concepts if you are in it. There is no doubt that here in America we are dealing with one of the greatest economic downfalls. It is said that 46.2 million Americans are now living in poverty. This is due to the shrinking number of jobs, the rise of the working poor, the dependency on the government is raising, health cost (the biggest threat of all) are crippling American families, and more and more children, our nations future, are living in poverty or close to poverty. Due to the recession in America people are forced to do what is necessary in order to survive. For many businesses and companies one of the easiest ways to save money has been by reducing the number of employees. By doing so, companies can continue to provide the same service, with less people, which also means less expenses. Although this sounds like an amazing idea, stop and think of the people who were laid off. These individuals were not only forced out of their job, but it’s practically impossible to find another job. Economists believe that joblessness
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