Is Wal-Mart Good for America?

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Is Wal-Mart good for America? Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the United States, as the result, the company draws a lot of attention from our society, this attention is based on both: positive and negative effects of Wal-Mart. Is Wal-Mart good for America? It is a debatable question. There are winners and losers in this situation. I think Wal-Mart shareholders and customers benefit the most from the company. The company gives its shareholders good returns on their investment and its customers get products at low prices and convenience, by having almost every product they need at one store, especially Wal-Mart supercenter. Customers save money by not having to drive to many different stores, in order to get different products. Although many might argue that Wal-Mart is misleading its customers by using the opening price point, I believe that overall Wal-Mart prices are lower than their competitor’s prices. At my work, I conducted a little survey by asking my colleagues if they think Wal-Mart is good for America. My colleague’s responses were based on consumer’s point of view and stated that Wal-Mart is a good store to have, pointing out the convenience and low prices. However, our society is not only comprised of consumers and shareholders. There are also workers and suppliers, who don’t think that Wal-Mart is good for America. Many local businesses are out of business because they cannot compete with Wal-Mart’s low prices. By striving for lower prices, Wal-Mart turned to outsourcing and now the majority of company’s suppliers come from China. Wal-Mart’s outsourcing has a dual effect: it provides low prices for products, more earnings for shareholders and on the other side it drives American suppliers out of business, which means people are losing their jobs. However, some argue that outsourcing unskilled labor will open up opportunities and will lead

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