Walmart Case Analysis

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Executive Summary The world’s largest retail company was built on values of great service and low everyday prices. This company has over 5,000 stores and over 1.5 million employees worldwide. Attracting price conscious customers and offering convenient store hours, more than 100 million customers visited this franchise’s stores each week. Walmart was started by Sam Walton in 1962. The company’s first store was in Bentonville, Arkansas. Since the first day of operations, the company has continuously grew to not only become the largest retail company, but the largest company in the world. Competitors continuously try to gain more market share in the retail business, but none can create as much success as Walmart. Competitors such as Home Depot and Best Buy capture customer needs in the home renovation and electronic retail market respectively. While other competitors, such as Target, operate in the same market trying to attract consumers looking for low prices and conveniently giving customers the access to a one stop shopping store. Though the largest company and one of the most successful, Walmart can make improvements. The key problem for Walmart has to do with the negative treatment of employees causing a high employee turnover. Walmart’s success has come from its well know low prices and extreme variety of products allowing customers to get all their shopping done in one place. The company continues to employ new IT systems to track sales and allow managers to compare their store’s success to others. But, its enormous size makes it impossible to track and monitor everything that goes on in all stores. Walmart continues to engage in new countries, and sometimes doesn’t meet customer preferences in those markets. One of its biggest weaknesses is their exploitation of workers. Technological developments give Walmart the opportunity to dominate ecommerce. Walmart

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