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Case Study: Target: From “Expect More” To “Pay Less” SHANNETT WALCOTT PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING MKT201 PETAGAYE WAUGH MAY 20, 2012 Case study Discussion Questions 1. What micro environmental factors have affected Target’s performance over the past few years? A marketing microenvironment consists of factors close to the company that affects its ability to share and its customers. Retail giants Target struggled to increase and maintain sales and profit growth over the past few years. Micro environmental factors that affected targets performance over the year have been a combination of the following factors: * The company – Targets marketing managers were not aware of the change in trends in the marketing environment. They were more focused on the product concept of marketing instead of the marketing concept. Target marketing managers were not focus on achieving the overall goals of the company by knowing and satisfying the needs and wants of it consumers * Competitors – To achieve superior performance and sustain a competitive advantage, companies must be aware of who their competitors are. Target did not pay close attention to their main rivals’ Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart offers valuable discount to their customers while still offering brand name and fashionable product. Hence Wal-Mart was able to capture a lot of Target customers and increase their sales and profits, while target was seeing no profit growth and a steep decline in sales. * General Public – The Company was not concerned about how the general public viewed their products and services. The public image of the company affects consumers buying power. Wal-Mart sales also increased because the public viewed them as a better place to save money in the recession that they were facing. * Media Public –This microenvironment helped target to gets it message out to the public and hence increase in

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