Argumentative Essay: The Minimum Wage Debate

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Any additional raise of minimum wage would totally jeopardize the everyday lives of all Americans. The fewer jobs available, because of the pay hike, will mainly be the cause of the lower class workers’ unemployment. Simply, the minimum wage debate is a touchy subject among many economists and political figures. There are an immense amount of arguments toward the good and bad aspects of minimum wage, but one incontrovertible fact is that a minimum wage elevation causes loss for businesses, as well as, working people. The larger businesses try to make things seem more at ease than they truly are. Minimum wage does do harm to average citizens. Yet are there reasons why there is a down sided argument? Open discussion will sensibly show…show more content…
We can simply learn a trade, get some college, and even stay longer with our long term employer so that we can earn livable wages. This may sound mean, O.K. rather harsh; but I don't have a lot of pity for the majority of adults making minimum wage, because most of them made that choice to not better themselves. It’s very easy to not try and stay in that one place of employment. Because many want to work, have family, but no degree; a lot of businesses open their doors when they can monetarily! “By setting an artificial minimum on wages, lawmakers unintentionally raise the unemployment of the most disadvantaged and make it nearly impossible for teenagers and other unskilled citizens to enter the labor pool,” says Stephen Chapman spouting openly concerning the argumentative pay raise(3 Meisner, et al). When the hourly wages go up the small business doors tend to close. Raising the minimum wage does nothing for them other than causing the cost of living to go up, and causes them to pay a little more in income tax. Just those two ideas alone put them having less money in the aftermath of the raise, than they did before this cold remnant of fairness hits too

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