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Amanda Clifford 1st Mrs. Richardson Buy Nothing Day is intended to solve the growing issue of overconsumption. The holiday proposes the opportunity for excessive consumers to pursue healthier hobbies or lifestyle. Buy Nothing Day shows conventional shoppers of the dangerous obsession it has become in their lives. Though the holiday its self is not well known to mass production nations it would have an overwhelming affect if it were to be implied annually. Ever individual in this consumer society has different position that can be positively influenced by the establishment of this growing holiday. Teenagers in this new society have become more privileged than ever. At the touch of a button they may perches clothes, electronics, and many other desires are commonly expected as part of a natural lifestyle. Usually the reasons for these new possessions are selfish and taken with careless thought of what they could be using it on. Compared to developing nations this consumption is ten times their equivalent in a days’ time. The United States consumption alone in one year is more than a third world country will get in a life time. With the establishment of Buy Nothing Day it will save millions of watts of electricity used to produce consumer products, along with gallons of sacred of that fuels the economy. Just doing this once a year will save more energy and reduce the overwhelming amount of waste worldwide. Buy Nothing Day can be a time to stake a step back and see the infection of addiction the society has to buying. The society today gets caught up in mass production popularity and they do as the general public does. They save their money to buy something that they want not that they need. People around the world are starting to forget what they are dependent on and giving up their livelihood. Just to fit in to the new society’s say so; the people use all their

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