In Bullies In Schools, Directed By Kathleen Berger

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Bullying: the legal crime Bullying has long been a practice witnessed in schoolyards and classrooms across the country. “In Bullies in Schools” by Kathleen Berger, for it explains about how bullying is a big problem in Norway and what they have done to overcome the situation. Other stories such as Bird Girl by Clark Deleon and Rowing the Bus bye Paul Logen explains about what happened and how they have been affected after the years of being bullied. All three of these stories has something similar facts about bullying, for one is that bullying is a big problem around the world, getting picked on because of the way someone looks, destroying someone’s confidence, and many other reasons. Some of these reasons can ruin someone self esteem, confidence,…show more content…
Within the 60 percent, Ray Windsor of Lansdowne is one of those victims. In high school he had to contend with many of the insults and taunts from fellow students because he was a victim of gross physical immaturity and not like the rest of the students. Since the bullies were bigger than him, they would knock him around, throw him into the showers, spit into one of his clothes and toss it out the window from a two-story building. This problem has still bothered Windsor until the age of 25, which he had become an alcoholic and had two major ulcer operations. Being bullied can cause destruction into one individual life. Paul Logen grew up as being picked on by bullies as a six grader thinking it was because of his outdated clothes, his appearance, and how small he was compared to the other students. When he moved to another school, a kid named George was the one getting picked on because of his appearance and how is voice was squeaky. In “Bullies in Schools” says that none of things have to with their appearance and what clothes they wore. They were picked on usually are the rejected children, who have a few friends, and who are unable or unwilling to defend

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