Does Justice Vary over Time, Place and Society

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Does justice vary over time, place and society? I believe it does the most in the form of racism. A quote by Muhammad Ali, whether you’re at school or work racism happens anywhere and hating people because of their color is wrong. It’s just plain wrong. Racism is destructive, it destroys and creates divisions in society. Most racist behavior includes ridicule, racist abuse and harassment and physical abuse. There is also racial discrimination which is the unfair or unequal treatment of a person or group. This type of discrimination is deliberate and the Australian laws make it illegal for people to engage in racist activity or to encourage racist acts to occur. It is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality and descent. More than one Australians say they have been physically attacked because of their race, therefore. Race is a significant social issue. Racism is denying people access to rights, representation or resources based on racial differences. Most of today’s racism can be traced back to the era of colonialism that began in the1400s. Native Americans are the most harshly affected by institutionalized racism to this day. The 19th century saw a hardening of institutionalized racism and legal discrimination against citizens of African descent. Racism in the United States was worse during this time than at any other period before or since. Racism is shown in to kill a mockingbird when the case against tom Robinson and the way in which the anti-African in Maycomb shows animosity towards Atticus and his family. Racism at schools is most common these days with kids making fun of people’s clothes and physical appearance, stereotyping, excluding and assaulting other people. Students who experience racism are afraid to go to school, fall behind in schoolwork and have trouble making friends, experiencing this at school can sometimes to
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