Torture Is Inhumane

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Torture is inhumane and should be illegal The act of torture is cruel, degrading, and inhumane. Torture has tremendous negative physical effects on human body, the act of torture involves unimaginable amounts of physical and mental pain that no one should have to endure. Torture is harmful to the mind. Torture is ineffective, unreliable, and may not yield positive results. Torture is illegal is the majority of the world and immoral to most cultures. Torture is unethical and it should be illegal. The act of torture is cruel and inhumane. The United Nations outlawed torture for this reason (Dieringer). Some of the smartest individuals and the leaders of most countries decided torture was inhumane and should be outlawed. Thus torture was one of the first issues that the United Nations dealt with (Dieringer). The act of torture is so inhumane and such a pressing issue that the leaders of the world outlawed it as quickly as possible to save lives. Torture is so powerful and so evil that it may deprive someone of his will to exist. Depriving a person of his will to live is the same, if not worse than killing that person. If murder is illegal under all circumstances, then torture should be illegal. Torture is unimaginable and permanent scaring of the body and soul (Dieringer). Torture is inhumane because it severely injures human bodies to a degree that can never be fixed. Torture has tremendous negative physical effects on the human body. People who have been tortured may have crushed, bruised, or even cut off limbs (Nice). Body parts affected during torture may be permanently bruised or may never grow back. People who have been tortured may have soft tissue swelling and may develop Necrosis (Nice). Torture may cause death of many cells or organs. The majority of people who have been tortured have severe damage to their organ tissue and their bodies will never look

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