Jim Crow Laws: Intolerance In The United States

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Where the Jim Crow laws the worst example of intolerance in the USA? During the 1920's, racial tensions in American society reached a boiling point. The blacks were intimidated by whites who tried to control them through fear and terror. In the first world 360,000 black American’s served in the armed forces. They returned home to find that racism was part of everyday life. Between 1915-1922 more than 430 black Africans where lynched. The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965 .These where laws discriminating the black Americans. The laws segregated blacks in schools, parks, hospitals, swimming pools, libraries and other public places, Black found it extremely hard to get fair treatment. They were also denied access to good jobs and a reasonable education and where even banned from voting. The laws lasted for a great number of years making the life of black Americans extremely hard. The behaviour the…show more content…
For example black Americans found it extremely hard to get jobs only 5% of black American’s had “well paid” jobs compared to the 30% of whites. Of course as mentioned they were segregated immensely from the whites and where hardly events where both races would mix together. There were also many other laws for example if a white person were to get on a bus a black person should give a up their seat in order for the white person to sit down, it was then expected for that black person to go stand at the back. And it wasn’t till 1955 where a black woman (Rosa parks) refused to do this. Also because of the discrimination they lived in awful conditions with dusty floors no glass windows and generally underprivileged. Segregation is an effect of intolerance because it is separating them and making the rights between black Americans and white Americans unfair. And because of the Jim Crow laws racism increased highly and the effect was obviously negative to the Black
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