"Explain How Freedoms for African Americans Were Socially, Politically, and Economically Limited from 1865 to 1900?”

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"Explain how freedoms for African Americans were socially, politically, and economically limited from 1865 to 1900?” Socially, blacks were subjected to segregation and discrimination. Segregation wasn’t really a large problem to them, however, as they were more interested in forming a black community rather than integrating with the whites. However, I mean, it is still pretty awful to be treated like you’re not a being worthy enough to drink out of the same water fountain or attend the same school based on skin color. Blacks were subjected to many dehumanizing things socially speaking. Oh, and lets not forget the KKK (if that falls into this category; I think it does) who harassed, intimidated, and killed black people. They basically couldn’t escape being tormented. During this period, the south was suffering pretty badly economically. When cotton production slowed significantly during the Civil War, countries that had been deprived of cotton began to grow their own and market prices were cut in half. Banks that loaned to the Confederate government could not collect their debts. Credit was incredibly hard to obtain. In 1873, economic panic led to the closure of some banks. Railroad companies went out of business, and the stock market collapsed. Basically all of the South’s resources were going to hell. Uncertain economic times make it pretty hard to make a living. African Americans found themselves to be politically limited during this time as Southern states passed laws that limited their access to exercise their right to vote. Literacy tests were used to keep blacks away from ballot boxes, as some states limited the right to vote to those who could pass a literacy test; a large majority of slaves had never learned to read or write. Not surprisingly, white voters were often given easier passages than blacks. Blacks were also kept from voting through poll
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