African American Racism Effects

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Dead in the Dark Jorge Racism is an excuse for hatred, ignorance, and insecurity. Racism is a side effect of xenophobia which is the fear of anything strange or foreign. In America racism has been a problem since the slave era. Even though racism still exists today, people should not let it get in the way of their opinions. Racism affected all aspects of the African American life in the United States. The whites used every tool at their disposal in order to limit African American advancement including limiting job opportunities, restricting rights, and using fear as a tool for black segregation. Racism affected the life of African Americans by limiting job opportunities. For example after the first World War, they were treated differently. The whites came back to return to their jobs, then the African Americans that were working had to be laid off and given the dirtiest, hardest, jobs that were open to them. According to an Encyclopedia of American Social History “African Americans were laid off from the better industrial jobs”(Page 4). From that they were merely being used to work while, the white men were at war. Racism and discrimination resulted in violence and…show more content…
Racist Americans formed a large hate group, with membership increasing each month. This was their way to terrorize African Americans. The Encyclopedia of American Social History describes the Klan as “The Klan attempted to meet its goals through vigilantism, in which it terrorized moral” (Page 6). Any person living in the United States should not fear or be afraid living in their country. As the Jim Crow Laws went to effect in the south to the north, this was a positive impact because “Migration itself is a result of both push and pull factors, prejudice, better economic opportunities, discrimination...”(Page 7) The population of African Americans diminished in the south after the Civil
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