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Should Students who commit cyberbullying be suspended from school? Cyberbullying is known as harassment and online bullying by peers. Cyberbullying is the largest online danger among kids. Social networking has taken the culture of youth by storm. How can we as victims, witnesses, or observers make a change to cyberbullying ? Many parents seem to question their child’s actions on a day-to-day basis. Signs of bullying are things we must observe. Students may come home with damaged or missing items, have difficulty sleeping, or just seemed depressed. The reports on cyberbullies, ruined reputations and dangers have caused so much fear against parents. They may also wonder how to be able to discuss with their kids regarding this issue. Teen suicide and self-harm are two leading effects to the cause cyberbullying. Teens may have serious thoughts of or attempt suicide various times.Teens may begin to drop weight and make cuts and bruises on their body. The self punishments for cyberbullying are becoming more serious everyday. Parents if there are concerns, get involved. Limit their time on social networks and electronics. Unexpected phone checks are a good way to keep up with the “latest news”. Make visits to the child’s school, show them that some parents care about their child’s educational environment. Students shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for themselves. Student have rights just like everyone else. They could start changing things by writing a letter of complaint to their school. Later, move on by making a petition to suspend students who are caught bullying others . Students, it is always good to tell a trusted adult what is going on and to stay away from social networking. Every student should be in a stable environment where they feel safe and away from harm. Cyberbullying hurts everyone and affects everyone as well. If bullies are
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