A Rhetorical Analysis Of Idiot Nation By Michael Moore

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Idiot Nation Analysis In a nation where there is forty four million people who are functionally illiterate, and the ones that do only read 99 hours a year. In the article Idiot Nation Michael Moore points out that America isn’t stupid just ignorant. Moore quotes Noam Chomsky, a linguist and political writer, writing America’s mind is alive and well but not challenged. He uses tone throughout the article and it changes in a couple of places to show his emotions, exemplification to demonstrate his experience with schools, facts and figures to show exact numbers in his arguments, and common sense to connect his ideas to the reader’s ideas. Moore make a point that it’s not the kids fault they are ignorant but the adults. If the adults in America are not educated well. How…show more content…
Moore uses words like hawk, “wisdom”, unsuspecting, gleefully. Hawk makes a negative annotation of a ruthless swindler who preys on unsuspecting victims, while; using unsuspecting turns citizens into victims of a crime. He uses quotations to imply a sarcastic tone to the word wisdom implying its not real wisdom. The word gleefully makes Fred look like he enjoys preying on unsuspecting citizens. Moore ends his statement “Grow up, get some books, and go to your room.” His word choice implies that Barnes has not grown up and Moore is grounding him for doing something bad as if Barnes is still a kid. Moore also disagrees that teachers and their evil unions are the issue with the American system. He believes the systems it self is flawed. He uses and example from his senior year and how he took over the school legally. At the end of his story he says the ex-principal was a good person at heart, and even though many teachers suck, the majority care and do not get paid much. “Teachers make an average of $41,351 a year. “ He uses the fact to show that teachers are making just above the average yearly wage, but shape the minds of tomorrows leaders. He points out

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