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Critique of “Will Your Jobs Be Exported” by Alan S. Blinder Starting in elementary school teacher’s begin to prepare you for standardize testing. You learn all this material, and test on it, learn the material… and the cycle continues. Kids who cannot test well drop out or fail and are looked down on by society , kids who succeed pass and continue on and are praised, the question is does that particular style of learning come in handy when all the American people jobs are being exported. According to an article in The Atlantic news paper “53% of recent college graduates are jobless or unemployed” so in the end are we not all equal? When all the jobs of the future go to personal service jobs, will American children only know how to test or fail or to invest all their time into schooling for professions that will not pay? Alan S. Blinder an economics professor at Princeton covered this topic very well in his article “Will Your Job Be Exported”. Blinder broke down that in the future most jobs that can’t be completed by machine or technological advances will be…show more content…
Blinder’s essay was thought out and written properly on one point I think was off. Blinder referred to the “No Child Left Behind” as an institution set up to help student get ahead, when that very program nulls the thinking of students. Alan Blinder will need college students to work “on developing a creative workforce that will keep America incubating”(Blinder 12) but within the No Child Left Behind Act students are forced to learn at the same pace as the slowest student in the room, which does nothing for the new innovator of tomorrow who will become bored with school after having to slow there pace of learning. If Alan would have used this act as a part of his reform in the educational system it would have supported his claims of the system that we already have is hurting of future and not insuring that our younger generations will be able to compete in this
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