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AP English Problem - Solution Essay Don’t Care About What Others Say, Just Be Yourself Have you ever tried really hard to fit in at school or anywhere that requires some social action? Have you ever been judged because you were trying to fit in? Well, that’s a day in the life of a basic teenager. Every day, teenagers try to fit in somewhere in their school and sometimes are often judged by what they do and rejected. Because of that, teenagers lose their sense of security and self – esteem and every one of them needs a little of those in them. Within the teenage society, there are different types of cliques. Sometimes, it’s hard for teenagers to be a part of those cliques because these different cliques don’t normally interact…show more content…
At times, teens may be rejected and in order to feel accepted, they make bad decisions such as using drugs, drinking alcohol, cheating, and bullying. Trying so hard to fit in can lead someone to lower their self – esteem and feel like they’re being judged. The stress and difficulty of fitting in can cause them to hurt themselves to make the pain stop and can lead to cases of teen suicide. Teenagers such as those trying hard to fit in and who’s self – esteem are lowered need a place in Hawaii where they can be themselves and no one can judge them for who they…show more content…
The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation would fund the program. The foundation could provide counselors to supervise the teens and volunteers would be welcomed to help chip in. The program would be a place where teenagers could get together and put aside their stereotypes and labels. It’ll help give them a sense of belonging to others and in the world. Teens could work together and create community service projects that’ll help the community and Hawaii. This also gives them a reason to work together and cooperate with one another. There will also be time for homework and other activities to help each other exceed academically and physically. With this program, teens that usually don’t talk to each other will start to get along with each

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