Floating Your Way Through School

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How would parents feel if they knew their child was advanced through school without properly knowing the material they would need to succeed in life? In the year of 2001 George Bush enacted the No Child Left Behind law. This law makes it so every child in a school is included. This is a good law, but what happens to the children who don’t learn as fast as their peers. Not a lot of people realize that children are passed to the next grade level no matter how they are doing academic wise only socially. Automatic advancement to the next grade level must be eliminated from our schools. Many people may say that gifted children could be an exception to the rule about advancing grade levels in school. The reason why people might think that these children can be an exception is because the children might know material that the other classmates are learning. If this is the case the teacher can tell if gifted children are helping their fellow classmates with the homework or work that is being taught. Gifted children normally need more of a challenge in school than other children. Parents who have a gifted child will want them to not be in a room where they aren’t challenged enough because then the child isn't learning anything. If a child isn't learning anything they will get bored easier and then they won’t want to go to school. In schools, there are more children who need more help than gifted children. The problems gifted children have are minor compared to the other children. If children are advanced a grade level with not knowing the information well enough they won’t be prepared enough for state wide testing in third and fifth grade. This is tough for teachers because if children get placed in their classroom and don’t know the information needed for the grade level the teacher has to teach those children more than what the teacher planned for. If
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