The Positive Side of Sports Off the Field

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The Positive Side Of Sports off the field People think playing sports hinders their school work. I, on the other hand, being a three sport athlete in football, Baseball, Volleyball; Finds Athletics sets goals and aspirations for the student athlete who plans to attend a school of higher learning. In order to be eligible to play a sport you must be proficient in your major academic classes. With this being implied you are forced to do well but if you start to slip teachers are willing to assist you so you are able to not only succeed in athletics, but also academically. In my junior year my pre-calculus teacher noticed I was struggling to maintain my grade average. She came to me and offered to stay after school and help. I respectfully declined; putting my athletics before school work. As the term continued I noticed a great decline in my grade. I went to the teacher after class to ask if her offer still stood and if I could come after school to redeem my average. She told me “you show up and I’ll be there” I managed to pull my grade up and earn a B. This showed me not only if I add effort I can gain success but also that teachers care about ones achievements. Every player dreams about playing a sport at a higher level. But scholarships are not given if you are unable to maintain the minimum academic requirements. Obtaining this knowledge I finally knew what it meant to be a student athlete. I put student before athlete and I started to put the same hard work in school as I do in sports. My grades rose instantly. I went from lower level classes (college prep) to advanced level (Portuguese & calculus). With this knowledge of scholarship requirements I focused mainly on my classes. As I approached my junior year I took two architecture classes. I loved this class; it allowed me to design both houses and commercial buildings. The school only offers two
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