Is School Sports Really Killing Academics?

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Is School Sports Really Killing Academics? Do you really think school sports are killing the athletics academic? Research says that the United States spends more tax dollars per high school athlete than a math student. The U.S. studies show that most students spend more time playing sports than anything else. So many say that’s the reason that the United States lacks behind in academics than many other countries, but on the other hand it also states that high school sponsored sports increase academic success. I started of my research on the link between academics and sports by choosing an article called “High-School Sports Aren’t Killing Academic” by Daniel H. Brown and Collin Hitt. I chose this article because you need a decent academic record to at least be eligible to play sports. I found this article on The Atlantic and I also found it by researching the thing I love the most, which is sports. This article basically says that high school sports are not killing the academics but the students/athletics are killing it themselves. It explains how school sponsored sport programs should be seriously be thought about being cut off. Some people believe that sports are far more firmly fixed in American high school than in other countries but the test scores finds no support. Ripley bring up that athletic coaches are typically lousy classroom teachers. However, athletic coaches gain additional opportunity for communication by helping the student succeed. I strongly agree with this article. I agree because I don’t think school sports are killing the academics but the student itself. I agree on how the sponsored sport programs should be cut off or disconnected for a little while if the students or not taking it serious enough. But I also disagree with that part because without sports some people wouldn’t be who they are today or not as success because of the love they
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